Meredith Gullons

Michael Tiedemann


Meredith Gullons, from Toronto, Ontario, is currently completing her fourth year honours research project with the Stillman Research Group.  Aside from chemistry, Meredith has a keen interest in music.  She is currently a member of the UWO choir as well as plays both the piano and the French horn.

Undergraduate Degree (2004-present)

H.B.Sc. Specialization in Chemistry at the University of Western Ontario

Undergraduate Thesis: Kinetics of Cadmium Binding in Metallothionein

Undergraduate Thesis Abstract
Meredith is currently researching the human metalloprotein Metallothionein.  She is interested in determining the mechanism and rate constants for the binding of Cadmium(II) by the alpha domain of human Metallothionein.


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