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About Us

Based at The University of Western Ontario located in London, the group was started in 1975. We are funded by NSERC and the Academic Development Fund to conduct research on the interaction between ligands and metals in biologically active systems.

What's New?

Exciting things are always happening with the happiest department in the country!

We collaborate with groups around the world and participate in many conferences throughout the year. Next up are:

CanBIC-8 (our custom) in Parry Sound
Pacifichem in Hawaii
Copper in Sorrento, Italy
EuroBIC in Iceland


Very quickly you will discover that MJS (our boss) is always taking photos whether you are ready or not.

Check out the snapshots we've compiled over the years!

Research Interests

Our group conducts research following the general theme of using analysis of spectroscopic data to obtain structural configuration information for large biological molecules of interest. Current topics include:

  • Copper, cadmium, zinc binding mechanisms in metallothioneins (MT)
  • Arsenic binding to MT and exposure of cysteines
  • Solution structures from cysteine modification reactions
  • Interactions between organometallic (Rh and Ru) drugs and MT
  • Isd pathway of heme transport
  • Electronic structures in phthalocyanines and porphyrins
  • Theoretical aspects of porphyrinoid spectroscopy

Our techniques and methods include metalloprotein metallation studies, over-expression of metalloproteins, extensive use of spectroscopy (eg. ESI-MS, Absorption, Emission SS and LT, CD, magnetic CD, NMR, X-Ray) with stopped-flow methods, molecular modelling studies of protein metallation and folding, electrochemical studies of porphyrinoids for cation/anion radicals, and computational DFT methods.


Join us for 4th year undergraduate work (both in Chemistry and Biology), graduate work or Summer Research with USRA or ICE funding! Research in our group offers a wide range of stimulating experiences at the boundary between inorganic chemistry and biology. After all, metals control life!